ANTHEMIS platform has resources for testing, design, production and characterization of innovative antennas.
Mechanical and thermal engineering as well as environmental tests will provide an innovative solution in terms of costs, reliability and deadlines.

ANTHEMIS will offer Newspace players a range of actions ranging from pre-study to carrying out tests in space conditions, including design and proof of concept.

ANTHEMIS is involved in the development of antennas, specific studies and systems for nanosatellites


ANTHEMIS brings together the Normandy skills already working individually for the space industry

– AREELIS Technologies (76 – Seine-Maritime) works with Ariane Group on the BOREAS, ARIANE6 and PROMETHEUS programs and with Safran on the PPS®X00 hall effect engine.

– HEATSELF (76 – Seine-Maritime) is working with the ESA technical center in Holland on the thermal control of satellite propulsion lines and the CNES in Toulouse on the heating elements of satellite components.

– SCIENTEAMA (14 – Calvados) works on Newspace development axes in collaboration with the LATMOS laboratory and the University of Versailles Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines (UVSQ) as well as the M2C laboratory (CNRS, Unicaen, University of Rouen Normandy) with innovations in particular on antennas for future nanosatellites, data processing solutions and new generation electronic radio communication architectures.



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