A Fast and Flexible Approach

The space market is changing rapidly and is seeing the emergence of nanosatellites with 2,500 launches since 1998 and more than 3,000 planned over the next six years. France in particular aims to position the French ecosystem of nanosatellites as one of the leading sectors of this industry at the global level.

The acceleration of development, miniaturization and new uses imposed by New Space on satellite manufacturers open up an ideal playground for innovation. With this platform, the three actors put their complementary skills and their common ambition at the service of New Space.

Positioning of the anthemis platform : Development of antennas, specific studies and systems for nanosatellites
The antennas are concerned in the first place because they must respect the constraints of compactness during launch, reliability during deployment, and high performance. 

ANTHEMIS platform has resources for testing, design, production and characterization of innovative antennas. Mechanical and thermal engineering as well as environmental tests will provide an innovative solution in terms of costs, reliability and deadlines.


ANTHEMIS platform will be able to address these issues through the deployment of a design and characterization test bench for innovative antennas.

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