Sensibiliser et renforcer la visibilité des compétences du CIDN

Discover New Technologies

This is the First Advantage


By doing your watch, you inevitably discover new people, new ideas, new technologies…

1st pole: “benchmark”, based on the analysis of the competition. This analysis consists of identifying potential competitors, evaluating their products and analyzing their strategies and areas of development so that they cannot be taken by surprise.
2nd pole: “technological” which evaluates current cutting-edge technologies by analyzing their conditions of access, their growth rates and their potential progress in the future
3rd pole: “strategy” which evaluates the strategy of the company and each of its sectors / departments. Based on an in-depth analytical study of competitors’ strategies, this makes it possible to identify companies acting with comparable strategies or methods,
4th pole: “product” which must learn about potential future products in their added value and function.